Miller Valentine Resident Loyalty Program FAQ’S

Congratulations on participating in the Resident Loyalty program! Here are some of the most common questions you may ask and answers to them.

What is the Resident Loyalty Program? A loyalty and awards program that provides points to residents to obtain various merchandise from an online awards catalog. Points can be redeemed for name-brand products participating in the Resident Loyalty program in a vast catalog created just for you.

  1. How do I sign up? To participate in the Resident Loyalty program a Resident ID code and provided email is required and must be verified by your property management team. To register, users will access the award site via clicking on the Resident Loyalty link (, enter theResident ID/confirmed email and complete the online registration.
  2. How do I access my account? During account registration, users will create their own username and password. Once your account is registered, you can log into your account via clicking on the Resident Loyalty link at After you log-in, you will be directed to your very own home-page where you can see how many points you’ve earned, review the catalog and go shopping!
  3. How do I earn points? Your property management team will communicate how you can earn points at your property. (Programs such as Resident Referrals, Renewal Gifts, Move In Bonus are options to receive points.)
  4. How do I redeem my points? You can redeem your points on your personal home page. There are 3 easy steps: Review the Online Catalog for your desired gift, select items based on the amount of points available, add to your shopping cart and process.
  5. Do my points expire? As long as you are a current resident of the rental community that has awarded you points, the points will be valid through December 31st of the current year. Upon move-out, your account will be deactivated within 30 days.
  6. Can I give my points to my spouse or roommate? Points are only awarded to the person’s name who registered their account and there can be one email address per apartment. However, once you’ve redeemed your points the chosen gift can be shipped to any desired address.
  7. Can I redeem my points for gift cards? The online catalog will provide a variety of gift card options. Gift cards are available yet items may change according to availability.
  8. Who do I call with questions? Contact your property management team if you have questions regarding how you can earn points or if you need help using the website. Contact the online support if you have questions about products, shipping, promo codes, etc.